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Orkut - Target IAS community GS questions

Question 1. What is "Bella Centre"?
Bella Center is the venue of the UN sponsored Climate Summit in Copenhagen/Denmark.
It is a very large exhibition and conference center.
Question 2: what is there inside Kyoto protocol?
Ans 2 the Kyoto Protocol is a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or FCCC), aimed at combating global warming. The UNFCCC is an international environmental treaty with the goal of achieving "stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system
Question 3 who wrote the book 'Slain by the System India’s Real Crisis.'(Hint the writer was in news recently)?
C B Muthamma...she was the first Indian lady diplomat...she died in October
Question 4- What is "Digital Electronic Eye"? (Hint: Noble this yr)
Ans 4 Digital Electronic Eye is the charge coupled device, which is the “electronic eye” of the digital camera.
Q5 what is the range of Dhanush?
350 Kilometers.
Q 6: What are 3D brain density processors?
A6 processors with as many transistors per cm3 as there are neurons in the human brain r called 3D brain density processors recently IBM have planned to build 3D brain density processors with the help of Swiss.
Q7 Who is 'Hilary Mantel' and 'Alice Munro'?
A7Booker prize winner.Both of them are Man Booker prize winner in 2009.Hilary Mary Mantel won for her novel Wolf Hall and Alice Munro also won for her lifetime body of work Alice munro won man booker international which is a bieenial award while Hillary mantel won a regular man booker prize
Q8 Who was the First Indian Prime Minister to resign from Office?
morarji desai
Q8- MTCR prohibits production of missiles beyond certain range. What is it?
A8- The United States and its G7 partners formed the MTCR in 1987. The seven are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United it has 34,abbreviated as Missile Technology Control Regime range shud b GRTR than 300 km. and delivers a 500 kg payload
Q9. What is "Charge Coupled Device"?
A- Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) A chargecoupled device is a type of semiconductor capacitors that can transfr elctrcal chrge btwn each othr it actuly describs the proces by which the charges are transferd thru the capactrs I think u ppl know abt semiconductor , which at low temp. behaves as insulator and at high temp. behaves as a conductr and wth low enrgy gap (gud egs r Germanium n Silicn) coming to capacitor , it is a device which is used to stores electricl energy....
Q10 When was a referendum like vote held in India for the first and the only time?
A10 In january 1967 the Central Govt held a special opinion poll in Goa asking people if they wanted to be part of Maharasthra State or wanted a separate state
Q11 Which of the following is correct regarding "Zayadis" community?
a.)Yemen, Shiab.)Yemen, Sunnic.)Iraq, Shiad.)Iraq, Sunni
A11..Yemen, Shia
Q12.. What was the theme of 15th ASEAN Summit underway at Hua Hin, Thailand?
The theme of the 15th AYDM is ASEAN Community Building through Youth Participation.
"Enhancing connectivity, empowering people"
Q13 Why was Reena Kaushal in news recently?
Renna Kaushal setup her base camp on Antartica and become the first indian woman to ski to South Pole.
Q14. In which year the practice of presenting the railway budget separate from the general budget started in India?
It was in 1924 on the recommendation of Acworth committee.
q 15 what are neutraceuticals?
Nutraceutical, a term combining the words "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical" was originally defined by Dr. Stephen L. DeFelice to describe a nutritional product that claims to provide medicinal benefits in addition to their regular nutritional value.
Q 16: Consider the following:
1. Adjudication 2. Judicial Review 3. Writs 4. Public Interest Litigation .Out of the above 4 , which are used to exercise judicial control over administration?
It is only judicial review and writs. Adjudication is related to administration and pil is related to citizens.
Q 17 In which state of india kokbrok language is spoken ?
kokborok is spoken in the the indian state of Tripura and its neighboring areas of Bangladesh
Q 18. Tim Montgomery the record holder of 100 m belongs to which country & wat is his record time ?
Timothy Montgomery is former American athlete having void 100 m world record of 9.78 seconds.
Q19. What was the Last hindu empire of India?
It was Hem Chander Vikramaditya also called HEMU VIKRAMADITY
20.Who was the Last Mugal empire of India?
Bahadur Shah Zafar II was the last emperor of Mughals.
21.Which among the following is not an indicator of Human Development Index?(A)national income
(B)life expectancy(C)educational level
It is national income. instead of national income ppp is taken into account.
Q22 who is manikrao hodlya gavit?
A22 Gavit Manikrao Hodlya is a member of the 15th Lok Sabha of India.He is elected for the consecutive 9th time (7th15th lok sabha) from the Nandurbar Constituency during Indian general election, 2009.He had been appointed as Protem Speaker of 15th Lok Sabha by President Pratibha Patil.
Q23 what is COSATU?
the congress of south african trade union. It was launched in dec 1985
Q24. who won the YALE AWARD this year?
A24 Nandan Nilekani won Leadership award from Yale university
Q25 Noble awards are not given in the fields of Computers and Maths. Which awards are considered as their equivalent ?
A25 Turin Award for computer science Filed Medal for Maths
Q26 what is the name of newly founded element of electronic number 112
A26 Ununbium. Permanent name: Copernicium Found in 1996.
Q27 Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson won the NObel Prize for Economics for their research in which field?
A27) Elinor OstromFor the analysis of Economic governance especially commons.Oliver WilliamsonFor the analysis of Economic governance especially the boundaries of the firm .
Q.28)Which Indian Finance Minister has the privilege to present the budget on his birthday twice?
A28 Morarji Desai
Q29 Incredible India Promotional film of Union Ministry of tourism received which award?
A29 is Grand Prix Award in Vienna
Q30Who is the first player to win football world cup as a player and as a coach?
Brazil's Mario Zagallo and West Germany's Franz Beckenbauer won as a player and a coach
Q 31: Which article deals with the procedure for amendment of the Indian Constitution?
A31Part XX,Article 368
Q32)Which treaty was signed to reduce the use of destructive gases for ozone in 1997?
Art 368
Q 33. Since 1st April, 2008, the pension contributions of Central Government employees are being covered by the New Pension System (NPS). Which among the following was the first public sector entity to join NPS?
A.33National Aluminium Company(Nalco)
Q 34: Recently State Bank of India decided to set up wind power plants for its captive consumption at various SBI offices and branches in three states of India. What are those states?
A:The three states are Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu and Gujarat
Q35)Which treaty was signed to reduce the use of destructive gases for ozone in 1997?
The answer is Montreal Protocol. Not Kyoto Protocol. Montreal protocol is for Ozone.
q 36: Which of the following company was the first private player in the field of Insurance Industry in India since 1999, when private players have been allowed to play in this field?
Ans36)ICICI bank
Q37:Which Indian Prime Minister translated the biography of Madam Curie?
lal bahadur shastri
q38 who is the first person to travel twice to space as a tourist?
Ans.38 Charles Simonyi
q39 Why was Hattargi in news recently?
Hattargi in Belgaum( Karnataka) on 14th nov it saw the launch of 300acre aerospace SEZ,one of its kind in india
Q 40 Name the player who has won the European footballer of the year Award.Also name the team he plays for at national level and club level?
Lionel Messi, club is Barcelona national team is argentina
Q41Recently which state government has launched a new scheme AUZAR for muslim girls? This scheme is the sub scheme of which flagship programme of that state government?
A41 AUZAR scheme was launched by bihar govt. It is a flagship scheme of HUNAR project .
Q 42 what is school wiki?
A 42 The IT @school program is launching school wiki on the lines of wikipedia as a part of its attempt to foster a culture collaborative learning in Kerala's schools. School wiki will be in malayalam and will be ready to launch in Jan 2010.
Q 43 Which three countries participated for the first time in Olympics 2008?
A43 The Marshall Islands,Montenegro Tuvalu
Q44 Why was Kumi Naidoo in news recently?
He is the Chairman of the Global Campaign for Climate Action and Director of Greenpeace International
He is associated with climate change demonstration in brussels.
Q45 who got indira gandhi peace prize this year and for what?
The Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohammad ElBaradei, has been selected for the 2008 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development. ElBaradei's role was instrumental in India clinching the Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA, a precondition for India in order to enter into the international nuclear commerce.The International Jury of the Prize decided to confer the award on ElBaradei for his impassioned opposition to the use of nuclear energy for military purposes and his steadfast espousal of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.This year it was won by sheikh hasina (2009)
Q 46- Name the french Anthropologist who died recently. He was pioneer in structural functionalism ?
Claude LoviStrauss
Q47 What is NEFT? What is RTGS??
NATIONAL ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFERfacilitates individuals to electronically transfer funds from any bank branch to any other bank branch in the country. IT IS AN ONLINE SYSTEM.RTGS= REAL TIME GROSS SETTLEMENTRTGS ia a fund transfer mechanism where transfer of money takes place on a real time and on gross basis. while NEFT settlement takes place 6 times a day during the week days (9.30 am,10.30 am, 12.00 noon. 1.00 pm, 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm) and 3 times during Saturdays (9.30 am, 10.30 am and 12.00 noon). Any transaction initiated after a designated settlement time would have to wait till the next designated settlement time but in RTGS, transactions are processed continuously throughout the RTGS business hours.
Q48which country is the winner of cricket emerging players tournament?
A 48 India.
Q 49 What amount has been allocated for the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the Interim Budget 2009
A.49.Rs.30,100 crore
A50 Related to finance bill,related with zero based budgeting.
q51 What is Nischay?
A 51 A project launched under NRHM where a pregnancy testing kit that is easy to use and freely available for village women through the familiar accredited ASHA or auxillary nurse in rural areas.
Q 52 Which is the fourth country in the world to capture CO2(carbondioxide) form atmoshpehere and store it deep underground?
A52 Japan (The other countries are 1.Norway, 2.Canada and 3.Algeria) such projects r running in australia n germany too, moreover in india cabinet is considering on this issue
Q.53who was the winner of first lokmanyatilak award and who has won it this time, in addition which trust gives this award?
Editorinchief of The Hindu N. Ram has been conferred the second Lokmanya Tilak National Journalist Award by the Kesari Mahratta Trust.The first Lokmanya Tilak award was bestowed on January 4, 2009 on Vir Sanghvi, Editorial Director of Hindustan Times,
Q.54 What is Sarswati Samman given for?
Given every year for outstanding prose or poetry works. This year lakshmi nandan bora has been conferred. He is famous assamese writer
Q.55 what is PETN
pentaerythritol trinitrate The most common use of PETN is as an explosive. It is more sensitive to shock.
ques 56:wayson stalin test is done to identify which disease?
A 56 Wayson test is used to detect Melioidosis (also called Whitmore disease or Nightcliff gardener's disease) is an infectious disease caused by a Gramnegative bacterium, Burkholderia pseudomallei, found in soil and water
Q. 57.Name of Gibralter prime minister?
A57 Gibralter is a colony it doesn't have a PM it has a CM appointed by the Governor of Gibraltar .Its currentCM who has term till 2011 is Peter Caruana.
Q58 What is Admiral Gorshkov in news recntly?
so far admiral gorshkov is concerned it is soviet aircraft carrier which was sold to india on 20 jan 2004. recently it was in news becoz of price matter. It is known as ins vikramaditya in india. On December 17, 2009, it was reported that India and Russia ended the stalemate over Gorshkov price deal by agreeing on a price of USD 2.3billion.
ques 59 who is Michelle Lang.
she was reporter n covered the war b/w taliban n NATO
Q.60.first indain scientist who is working in LHC project.
A.60 dr vinod chandra sahni with him many indian scientists are contributing such as .The monetary contribution by India is $25 million, Atul Gurtu of TIFR, an expert on particle colliders, Vikas Sinha of the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, who created a chip to process signals, and Vinod Chauhan employed by CERN to lead the group which tested the magnets.
ques 61 how many components are there in NAIP?
A. 61. National Agriculture Innovation Project has 4 components.
1. To build the critical capacity of the ICAR as a catalyzing agent for management of change of the Indian NARS (component 1).
2. To promote production to consumption systems research in priority areas/themes to enhance productivity, nutrition, profitability, income and employment (component 2).
3. To improve livelihood security of rural people living in selected disadvantaged regions through innovation systems led by technology and encompassing the wider process of social and economic change covering all stakeholders (component 3).
4. To build capacity and undertake basic and strategic research in strategic areas to meet technology development challenges in the immediate and predictable future (component 4).
Q.62 . To fullfill which policy NAIP has been brought ?
to facilitate accelerated and sustainable transformation of Indian agriculture in support of poverty alleviation and income generation by collaborative development and application of agricultural innovation by the public research organizations in partnership with the farmers groups, the private sector, the civil society organizations and other entails all inclusive approach for all round development.
ques 63who is Samdhong Rinpoche
A 63 Lobsang Tenzin also known as Professor Venerable Samdhong Rinpoche is the Prime Minister (officially Kalon Tripa, or Chairman of the Cabinet), of the Central Tibetan Administration, or Tibetan governmentinexile, which is based in Dharamshala, India.
q64 what is dhruva and kamini?
Dhruva is India's largest research reactor, at trombay.
ques65 who is archana sharma?
A 65 Shes an Indian particle physicist associated with CERN. Dr. Archana is the only Indian who is a permanent employee of CERN.She recently deleiverd a lecture in Amity School of Enginnering in Delhi.
Q66 whats HARSAC?
A.66. Haryana Space Application Center , Hissar, Haryana.
Q.67 Nobel Laureate Roger Y. Tsein got the nobel for which discovery , and his which curiosity led to the prize?
Roger y stein got the 2008 Nobel Prize in chemistry "for his discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein (GFP).
ques 68 what is goldilocks zone?
A region of space where stellar conditions are favorable for life as it is found on Earth
69 what is Dhala structure?
DHALA structure is a new COMPLEX, PALEOPROTEROZOIC IMPACT STRUCTURE in shivpuri district of MP
Q 70 what is sayano sushenskaya
Sayano Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station located on the Yenisei River, near Sayanogorsk in Khakassia, Russia. It is the largest power plant in Russia and the sixthlargest hydroelectric plant in the world. On 17 August 2009, the station suffered a catastrophic accident that caused flooding of the engine and turbine rooms and a transformer explosion.
Q71 What is the name of the world's first manportable, fireandforget, multipurpose missile system?
javelin missile:Javelin is a fireandforget missile with lockon before launch and automatic selfguidance. The system takes a topattack flight profile against armored vehicles (attacking the top armor which is generally thinner) but can also take a directattack mode for use against buildings or fortifications. This missile also has the ability to engage helicopters in the direct attack mode. The missile reaches a peak altitude of 150m (492 ft.) in top attack mode and 50m ( 164 ft.) in direct fire mode. The missile is equipped with an imaging infrared seeker. The tandem warhead is fitted with two shaped charges: a precursor warhead to detonate any explosive reactive armor and a primary warhead to penetrate base armor. The Javelin was used in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq [2], with devastating effects on the Iraqi version of T72s and Type 69 tanks. Jan 5 alpana
The missile is ejected from the launcher so that it reaches a safe distance from the operator before the main rocket motors ignite; a "soft launch arrangement". This makes it harder to identify the launcher and allows it to be fired from within buildings; however, backblast from the launch tube still poses a hazard to nearby personnel. Thanks to this "fire and forget" system, the firing team may move on as soon as the missile has been launched.The missile system is carried most often by a two man team consisting of a gunner and an ammo bearer, although it can be fired with just one person if necessary. While the gunner aims and fires the missile, the ammo bearer scans for prospective targets and watches for threats such as enemy vehicles and troops.
Q72 which four gulf countries have signed a deal for single currency?
bahrain kuwait qatar and saudi Arabia
QNo 73 Date of copenhagen summit?
ans 73 it was held between 1 7 and 18 dec 2009
Q74 with which country india has signed naval reconnaissance deal?
A.74 USA for the supply of eight longrange naval reconnaissance aircraft.
Q.75 what is leela phoolanwala committe?
Leela Poonawala is a former Chairman and Managing Director of Alfa Laval and is a leading Women Entrepreneur.She has been actively engaged in supporting women entrepreneurs. Leela Poonawala was appointed on the highlevel task force on biotechnology. The task force would primarily look into opportunities and potential for investment in biotechnology, the likely growth in this sector and the need for a special policy for an "hasslefree" environment. The government's decision to form such a task force is a followup of the recently announced new industrial and labour policy.
Q.76.who introduced indian civil service?
ans 76. Lord warren hasting first gave idea of civil service..but it was lord cornwalis who organized indian civil service.Hes known as father of indian civil service.
q 77.What is Moon Mineralogy Mapper ???
ans 77 M3 is actually the contribution of nasa to india's mission chandrayan 1. The Moon Mineralogy Mapper is an imaging spectrometer with high spectral and spatial resolution, reliably uniform results, and a high signaltonoise ratio.The Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) is one of two instruments that NASA contributed to India's first mission to the Moon, Chandrayaan1, launched October 22, 2008. The instrument is led by principal investigator Carle Pieters of Brown University, and managed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.On September 24, 2009, the Science Magazine reported that NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) on Chandrayaan1 had detected water on the moon
Q78 which indian tennis player won french open 2009 men's double and name the partner also?
India's Leander Paes and Lukas Dlouhy of the Czech Republic.
Q 79 What is Bharat Siksha Kosh?
A79 In order to facilitate donations including smaller amounts from India and abroad for implementing projects/ programmes connected with the education sector, the Government has constituted the "Bharat Shiksha Kosh" as a Society registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860. The Kosh was officially launched on 09.01.2003 during the celebration of Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas. The Kosh will receive donations/contributions/endowments, from individuals and corporate, Central and State Governments, nonresident Indians and people of Indian origin for various activities across all sectors of education.
Q81 What is VORTEX2?
A81 Voretx 2 is the largest and most ambitious effort ever made to understand tornadoes. VORTEX stands for Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment .
q82 what is the Rajiv gandhi National Fellowship Scheme?
ans 82 it is a central sector scheme to provide scholarship to sc/st student to pursue studies in higher education. it was launched in 2005-06
Q83name the place where international festival of films on tribal art and culture was organized in 2009?
A.83 Bhopal (M.P.)
q84when was the first environmental legislation passed in india?
it was environment protection act 1986 which dealt with environmental pollution comprehensively
Q.85 name the sportsperson who was awarded sportsman of the year 2009 by laureus academy?
Jamaica's Usain Bolt
Q86. What is HAL developed in japan?
it is hybrid assistive leg
Q87name the countries participated in MALABAR2007?
MALABAR2007 : India, United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore
Q88 who is belinda wright?
A88 Belinda is the founder of Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) Belinda has spent her entire life in India working on wildlife issues, and is one of India's leading wildlife conservationists. She works actively to increase the dialogue & communication on Indian Wildlife conservation issues, especially Indian Tigers.
Q89:what are lakshya and nishant?
A.89. Lakshya & nishant are UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) of IAF (Indian Air Force).They are also known as pilotless aircraft.
Q.90. To whom does the speaker of rajya sabha tender his/her resignation letter?
A. The speaker of the rajya sabha is vice president of india hence he can address his resignation to president of India
Q91. What is the largest phyla of animals
A.91. Arthropoda.
q.92. Who is the present secretary of UPSC?
Ans92 Alok rawat is present secretary of UPSC & DP agrawal is chairman of UPSC
Q93:Who is the writer of "India's fragile borderland"
A93 Archana Upadhyaya
q94 where in free india where electiosn were held on the basis of universal adult franchisee?
A94 its manipur( a union territory) where elections where held for the first time
Q 95:In cricket history how many times match cancelled due 2 bd pich,n d plc?
It is four times two times odi and two times test matches
Q96what is the composition of gun cotton?
ans 96 GUN COTTON, an explosive substance produced by the action of strong nitric acid on cellulose at the ordinary temperature,chemically it is a nitrate of cellulose, or a mixture of nitrates. The first step in the history of guncotton was made by T. J. Pelouze in 1838.
Q97.Zangger comitee also known as nuclear exportars commitee, sprang from which constitutional article?
A97 The Zangger Committee, also known as the "NPT Exporters Committee", essentially contributes to the interpretation of article III, paragraph 2, of the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty (NPT) and thereby offers guidance to all parties to the Treaty.
Q98 what is SWAN being implemented in 29 states and 6 union territories?
It is state wide area network just want to correct the question no. 98 its not "29 states and 6 union territories"
india has 28 states and 7 union terrritories, to be specific new delhi is considered as national capital territory ( a special status)
Q99who is shobha karandalje?
She is former Karnataka Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj and now is working as a social activist against ENDOSULFAN, an organochlorine pesticide, used as an aerial spray on cashew plantations.
Q100- who is the chairperson of BARC?
srikumar baneerjee.. He is currently serving as the Chairman Atomic Energy Commission of India (AECI) and the Secretary of Department of Atomic Energy ('DAE')
102 Which community has the highest literacy rate in terms of religon in India ?
it is jain then christians jains 94.1% christians 80.3% then buddhists 72.3% then sikhs 69%
Q103... where was world scrabble championship held during nov 2009?
A 103 in Malaysia
Q 104 Who was his partner when L.Paes won his 10th grand slam last year?
He was lukos dlouhy n grand slam was french open men's double
Q104which indian company won the wall street journal award this year and for what?
A104 Vihaan Networks Ltd., an Indian telecommunications company known as VNL, won the Bronze award for a solarpowered base station to bring cellphone access to remote rural villages. The inexpensive base station can be quickly assembled and set up by unskilled villagers, and can run entirely on the builtin solar panels and batteries.
Q105 Who are lord Parekh and Ruby Dhalla and why were they in news recently?
Ans105Canadian member of Parliament Ruby Dhalla feels that the Indian government should address some of the concerns of nonresident Indians to connect with them in a more meaningful way and Lord Bhikhu Parekh, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Westminster, UK was in news about his work "A New Politics of Identity".
Q106 what was aim of 8th Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas and where it was held and smallboat building capital of India is ?
A106 The aim is focus on infrastructure, farming and healthcare.. and held in New Delhi ,the smallboat building capital of India is Mandvi.. its the coastal town in Gujarat,Mandvi's boatbuilding industry is worth over Rs 300 crore at present. It is expected to touch Rs 1,000 crore by 2012.
Q107 where is india's largest solar steam cooking system located?
A.107.Shridhi, Ahmednagar district of maharashtra.
q108 what is NFHS and when was it conducted for the first time?
It national family health survey anf for the first time it was conducted in 199293.The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), Government of India, designated the International Institute for Population Sciences(IIPS), Mumbai, as the nodal agencyof this survey. The funding for different rounds of NFHS has been provided by USAID, DFID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, UNFPA, and MOHFW, GOI.
Q109where was india's first multiple stem cell operation was conducted?
Nilratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata.At Kolkata india's first multiple stem cell operation was conducted.
Q. 110: What is Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB)?
A110 IRB is a reserve police force raised on the lines of paramilitary forces.recently kerala govt has decided to establish one
q111 where is waida institute of himalayan geology?
A111 Dehradun
Q112Who was the founder of Khudai Khidmatgars(Red Shirts) movement ?
A.112Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
Q113how many seats of razya sabha are shared by delhi?
ANS 113 : 3 seats
Q 114 : Which 3 PSUs are proposed to be given the MAHARATNA status recently and what is the criteria set by the govt for granting this status ?
A.114.The three PSUs for Maharatna status are: SAIL, ONGC and NTPC.The criteria set by the govt is that the PSU should have the 3 year track record of annual net profit of over Rs. 5000 crore, net worth of Rs. 15000 crore and turnover of Rs. 25000 crore.
Q115. Who has been appointed Protem Speaker by President Pratibha Patil?
A.115 Manikrao Gavit
Q.116In which region is the Daulatbeg Oldi Airbase?
ANS 116 Daulatbaig oldi airbase is in ladakh region of jammu and Kashmir
Q.117 Name the country which has replaced USA as India's biggest investment partner?
ANS 117 Mauritius
Q118This former president of india has been chosen to receive the prestigious 2008 hoover medal for his outstanding public service?
ANS 118 A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
QUES 119 When and where the first convention of parties (COP1) of UNFCCC was held?
in berlin from 25 march to 1apr. 1995
Q120- what is lac?
ANS120LINE OF ACTUAL CONTROL IS THE EFFECTIVE BORDER BETWEEN INDIA AND CHINA .....The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is the effective border between India and China. The LAC is 4,057km long and traverses three areas of northern Indian states: western (Ladakh, Kashmir), middle (Uttarakhand, Himachal) and eastern (Sikkim, Arunachal).[1] Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai first used the phrase in a letter addressed to Indian Prime Minister Nehru dated October 24, 1959.
Q122- The location {23.6° N 69.8° E} lies in which indian state?
Ans. Bhuj, Gujarat, India. It was the epicenter of the 2001 earthquake.
Q.123 Microscope for objects 20,000 times thinner than hair ,name it???
A 123 Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM).
Q124 Who introduced Environment Ministry for the first time in his /her government ?( question is relevant in current scenario)
The first person to introduce environment ministry is Jyoti Basu
Q125 what is JWST?
ANS 125 JWST is an acronym for the James Webb Space Telescope which will be a large infrared telescope with 6.5 metre primary mirror. It is an international collaboration between NASA, european space agency and canadian space agency. It will be launched in 2014.
QUES 126 Who has been awarded the 2009 Golden pen of freedom ?
ANS 126: Najam sethi a pakistani editor in chief of daily times, Friday times and aaj kal.
Q 127who is william hogarth?
ANS 127 William hogarth was one of the famous english painter and engraver.He was one of the leading british artist of first half of 18th century.William Hogarth (10 November 1697 – 26 October 1764) was a major English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic and editorial cartoonist .
QUES 128 Sutherland falls is in which country ?
ANS 128 Actually sutherland falls is in new Zealand
Q.128 Who resigned as Defence Minister in the Wake of India China war in 1962?
Ans128defence minister during Indiachina war was shri V.K. Krishna menon
Q129 why kalapatter plateau was in news recently?
ANS 129 Madhav kumar, PM of Nepal organised a meeting with his 22 cabinet ministers at kalapatter plateau ( 5262 m ) and passed a resolution to highlight the negative impacts of global warming.
Q 130 What is the name of the place where USA intends to build nuclear power plant in state of tamil nadu ?
ans:130The sites are Kumharia in Haryana – meant for indigenous reactors; Kakrapar (indigenous reactors) and Chhayamithi Virdi (reactor from US) in Gujarat; Kovvada (reactor from US) in Andhra Pradesh; Haripur (reactor from Russia) in West Bengal; Koodankulam (reactor from Russia) in Tamil Nadu; and Jaitapur (reactor from France) in Maharashtra.
A.131.Bilafond La is also known as the Saltoro Pass.It is a mountain pass situated on Saltoro Ridge, immediately west of the vast Siachen Glacier. Bilafond La was at the center of the Siachen Conflict between India and Pakistan until the Indian Army captured the pass along with Sia La. India currently maintains a fortified military base at Bilafond La.
Q.132.Who wrote the book "The Rediscovery of India"?
ANS 132 Meghnad Desai.
Q.133 Name was recently in news Alberto fujimori belongs to which country?
ANS 133 served as President of Peru from July 28, 1990, to November 17, 2000
134 Director General of UNESCO?
ANS 134 Irina bokova
Q.135.Presently WTO has how many member country and which country is the last to join?
153 countries. Ukraine joined WTO in 2008.Actually cape verde is the last country to join WTO.
Ukraine joined WTO in may 2008 while Cape verde joined WTO in july 2008
QUES 136 Who is the writer of recently released book " The British, The Bandits and The Borderman". He is also a former director of National Police Academy (NPA)
P.V. Rajgopal
QUES 137 Parambikulam Alliyar project is located in which city and state of India ?
Parambikulam multipurpose project serves kerala and tamil nadu both but it is located in coimbatore district of Tamil nadu
QUES 138 Who was army chief of India during Kargil war ?
Ans138. General VP Malik
Q.139.Who is the present Comptroller and Auditor General of India?
ANS 139 Shri Vinod Rai
QUES 140 What is a Garrison town and which town in India comes under the category of Garrison town ?
Garrison (various spellings) (from the French garnison, itself from the verb garnir, "to equip") is the collective term for a body of troops stationed in a particular location, originally to guard it, of more than 50 men, but now often simply using it as a home base. The station is usually a city, town, fort, castle or similar. For example, the 1st Battalion, 1st Infantry (U.S.) is garrisoned at West Point. Garrison town is a common expression for any town that has a military barracks.Mhow, M.P. (Military headquarter of war) is a garrison town.
ans 141 delhi high court
Q142 name the first state in India to launch a power transmission sub stations and transmission lines project on PPP.
A.142. Uttar Pradesh
Q.143. Which of the following continents does not have a real desert?
. (a) Australia(b) Europe(c) Asia (d) North America
ans143 : Europe
Q 144 what is rigon thupten mindroling?
ANS 144 Rigon thupten mindrolling is the new monastery recently inaugurated in orissa.
QUES 145 Who was the originator of Human Development Report and what was his nationality?
Mahbub Ul haq in 1990He was a pakistani national
Q146-when did the election Commission of india came into being?
Election commission of India was established on 25 January, 1950
QUES 147 Who has been recently given Dada saheb phalke 2008 ?
A.147.V.K.Murthy in the field of cinematography.
Q.148. Suranjoy singh was recently in the news. Why?
ANS 148 Suranjoy singh became the first indian to win the gold medal at President cup Boxing championship at Azerbaijan.
QUES 149 Which is the highest peak of satpura ranges ?
A 149 the higest peak of satpura range is (dhanpgrah) dhoopgrah near pacmarahi hill station
Q 150 who is the chairman of federal reserve bank of us ?
ANS.150 Ben S. Bernanke ...from feb1,2006
Q.151. Who's Reena Kaushal?
Reena Kaushal is the first Indian woman to ski to the South Pole.
Q152 who is maja daruwala?
ans 152 he is executive director of the Commonwealth Human Rights 4m past 10 yrs also he is advocate in high court
q 153 which book provide information of humayun's reign?
A-in 1951-52
Q155 what is golden chariot?
ANS 155 The Golden Chariot is a luxury tourist train
Q156-Who was the President of Indian Constitution Committee
sachidanand sinha, but on the demise of sachidanand , dr. rajenda prasad became the president of the assembly.
Q157-when the design of naional flag was adoptd by constituent assembly?
ans 157 22 july 1947
Q158 how cruise missile differs from UAV?
ANS 158 Cruise missile is a low flying strategic guided missile developed by US and Soviet union during 1960s And 1970s . Since these missiles fly at low altitudes it is very difficult to detect them.Unmanned aerial vehicle is an unpiloted aircraft capable of controlled sustained and level flight
QUES 159 Who is the present chairman of Telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI)
J.S Sharma.
160Where was the UN hunger Summit held in November,2009?
ANS 160 Rome
QUES 161 Indian institute of spice research is located at which place?
162who heads the national population commission?
ANS 162 National commission on population is headed by Prime minister of India
QUES163 What was the rank of India in recently released data for Human poverty index?
A.163.88th out of 135 countries for which human poverty index is calculated.
QUES 164 Who has been recently given Indira Gandhi award for National Integration?
A.164.Indira gandhi award for national integration was recently given to Balraj Puri.
Q.164. name the longest and sortest national highway in india.(for bonus marks, please give their lengths also)
The longest NH is the NH7 which is from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh to Kanyakumari at the southern most point of the Indian mainland, in Tamil Nadu covering a distance of 2369 km, and passing through the metros like Jabalpur, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The shortest NH is the NH47A(4.168 km), which is a stretch to the Ernakulam Kochi Port.
Qn 165: Wo are the oldest race of Indians.?
A.165. Negritos
Qn. 166 Which place in W.Bengal was besieged by Maoists in June 2009 and subsequently Indian security forces launched an operation to free the same??
A.166. It's Lalgarh, W.Bengal.
Q.167. Whatz INS Arihant?
Indigenously developed nuclear submarine
168who is the founder of World Economic Forum?
The World Economic Forum was founded in 1971 by Klaus M. Schwab, a business professor in Switzerland.
Q 169 What is SUBACS?
Sustainable Development of Sugarcane Based Cropping System (SUBACS)
Qn. 170 What is the title of the public lecture of former president APJ Abdul Kalam in the 97th Indian Science Congress?
ANS 170 The title of the public lecture was 'It can be done'. In this lecture he told that earth, moon and mars should be considered as single economic entity.
QUES 171 Who is the world's first elected woman prime minister and to which country she belongs?
mrs. sirimavo bandarnaike belongs to srilanka
Q172-Whose record of highest medal in Olympic Micheal Phelps broke?
ANS 172 Michael phelps broke the record of Mark spitz.Mark spitz an american swimmer
QUES 173 What is the name of the dam from where water is released to indira gandhi canal?
ans173 pong dam
Q 174 name the designer who designed jinnah house
Claude Batley
Q175-who was USA PRESIDENT DURING 1st world war
ANS 175 Woodrow Wilson
QUES 176 Recently govt has decided to set up National institute of Himalayan Glaciologists in which city?
Ans 177 Ramachandra guha
QUES 178 Who is the first nonamerican who has been elected president of International academy of astronautics?
G. Madhavan Nair
Q179-largest fresh water lake india
Q180-who is considered as father of city planning by the West?
A- Hippodamus
Q181-Rouff is the folk dance of which state?
A- Rouff is folk dance of kashmir
Q182-What is iCub ?
A smallsize humanoid robot
Q183-when first satyagrah started against what?
First was in 1906 against compulsory certificate of registration to be carried.
Q184-National institute for climate and environment will be set up where and who are the partners?
Bangalore. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Union Ministry for Environment and Forests (MoEF).Bangalore.ISRO and Union environment ministry
Q185-Through how many states of india tropic of cancer passes?
8 states
Q186Author of "Not by reason alonethe politics of change"?
The author of the book is N.K. Singh
Q187Which psu has started developing the coaches for Metro projects?
Bharat Earth Movers Ltd
Q188-International commission for Nuclear NonProliferation and disarmament is the joint initiative between which two countries?
Australia and Japan
Q189-Who was jagannath azad?
Jagannath Azad wrote the first national anthem of Pakistan.
Q190-longest zone of indian railways
northrn railways 11000 km
q191-when does iisco set up?
1919 if it is indian iron & steel co.
Q192-when first successful cotton mill was established and where?
Mumbai 1854.bombay spinning Mill1854
Q193-which misal does ranjit singh belong?
sukerchakia missal
q194-what african country and its currency have the same name?
Q195-.which treaty ended 7 year war between french and britain?
treaty of paris
Q196 which animal has been declared national aquatic animal to save it from extinction recently?
river dolphin These Dolphines are found in River GAnga only not in any other River so They are called GANGETIC Dolphins IS found in BRAHMAPUTRA ( assam) local language(i.e. Assamese) we call it "sishu"
Q197-state having maximum road leangth?
Q198-who is henry derozio
he was founder of young bengal group
Q199-What is CoBRA?
Commando Battalion for Resolute Action.It is a specialized unit of the CRPF.Specially Made to fight Against NAxalists
Q200who first advocated the idea of boycott during Swadeshi Movement?
Krishnakumar Mitra
q.201 chairman of 19th law commission?
Hon’ble Dr. Justice AR. Lakshmanan
q.202 world economic forum happens annually but how many time it is being held?
Till now 12 (excluding Davos)
Q203 With what sport Deepika Pallikal is associated with?
ans squash
q204-Which Indian President wrote 'My Presidential years'?
ANS R. Venkataraman
QUES 205 What was CADEX2009 ?
ACADEX 2009 was a military training exercise between the Indian Navy, Sri Lankan Navy and the Indian coast guard.
Q206The water comes to Indira Gandhi Canal from the River/s _______________?
A. 194 Sutlej and Beas
Q 207. what is G.O 610?
Government Order 610 its for telangana issue.Government Order 610 is nothing but the placements in Government Organisations In their Native Places... like Telangana people must get Government jobs in the Telangana region but not in Coastal Andhra... Coastal Andhra people must get Government jobs in the Coastal region but not in Telangana
QUES 208 What is a Customs union and which is the world's oldest customs union?
Ans It is trade agreement by which a group of countries charges a common set of tariffs to the rest of the world while allowing free trade among themselves.Southern African Custom Union(SACU) is the world's oldest custom union.
Q.209 Why the place Sukna was recently in news?
A-Land Scam.
Q210-Who is the chairman of the Company Law Board?
Ans 210 Dilip Rao Saheb Deshmukh
Q211...writer of "The complaints".
The Complaints by Ian Rankin
Q 212: Who is the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank ?
A- Denis Hughes.
Q 213 : Smile Pinki director?
A- Megan mylan
Q 214: Name of nato secretary
A- Secretary general of NATO -Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Q 215: When is the National Science day celebrated in India?
A- National science day is celebrated 28th feb of every year.

Q 216: name the BASIC country.
A- Brazil, India. China and South Africa

Q 217: Which day on 2 feb.....?
A- World wetland day
Q218: What is NEMPF? where it is going to be held?
Ans 218: North-East MP forum..
Sikkim will host the first ever conference of the North-East MP Forum

Q 219: Which commission recommended for the abolition of the I.A.S and the I.P.S?
A- Rajmannar committee
Q 220: Who was the president of INC when india got independence
A - J.B, kripalani
Q 221: what is "indian IPCC"?
A- IndianIPCC
Indian network for climate change assesment is known as INDIAN IPCC.UN body, with its biases, seemed incapable of original and genuine research. it was the commenty of jairam ramesh for ipcc. hence he announced to set up indian ipcc. New agency would have a pan-IIT network as its backbone. He said it would be formed out of the fledgling Indian Network for Comprehensive Climatic Change Assessment. Once full-fledged, the new body would comprise 250 scientists from diverse disciplines and would leverage resources to produce a series of annual assessments for different sectors.
Q 222: author of unaccustomed earth
A- Jhumpa Lahiri
Q 223 :Which one of the following regions of the world supplies the maximum of our imported commodities (in terms of rupee value)?
(a) Africa (b) America (c) Asia and Oceania (d) Europe
A- Europe
Q 224: in which year stoclholm convention came into force in india?
A-The StocKholm Convention came into force in 2006.
Q 225: What is omid and safir?
A- Safir is a Iranian rocket which placed Omid satelllite in space, may be Iran’s first domestically made
Q 226: what is umoja project of united nations ?
A -Its for nigeria - a pilot project - umoja is for orphaned children and fighting AIDS
Q 227: Which university has largest no. of Nobel laureates?
A :University of California , 51 Prizes
Q 228: Which company is largest manufacturer of aero plane ?
A- Boeing
Q 229 : What is the name of largest aircraft ?
A- Airbus 380
Q 230: which three rivers cleaning will be taken up under global initiative for river cleaning?
A: Yamuna, Potomac and Yangtse

Q 231: Which state has the Top Internet Speed in India for the October- December Quarter?
Q 232:What are Cubsats and Rubin 9.1 and Rubin 9.2?
A- 4 cubesats and rubin 9.1 9.2 were launched by pslv c14. rubinsats are german satellites.
cubesats are from berlin
Q 233: Who is the new NIA chief?
A-SC Sinha

Q 234: where is India’s longest Elevated National Highway?
A- India's longest elevated national highway is the 10 lane mixed corridor to the electronics city on NH 7 in Bengaluru. It is 9.985 Km corridor.

Q 235: What is common between Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Bimal Jalan and Vijay Kelkar ?
A-All three served as finance secretary to the ministry of finance.

Q236: Writer of "Museum of Innocence"?
A-Orhan Pamuk
Q 237: Which day is celebrated on 3rd may?

A-World Press Freedom day
Q 238: What is NSSK?
A- Nordiske Sykepleierstudenters Kontaktforum (NSSK).NSSK is the only cooperation amongst nursing students in the Nordic countries and was established in 1956. Member countries are Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Faeroe Islands, Finland and Sweden.
Q 239: Who is the scientific advisor to defense minister?
A- Dr Vijay Kumar Saraswat is the scientific advisor to defense minister.

Q 240: Which is the last country to join WTO?
A- Cape Verde in 23 july 2008.
Q 241 Who established valentine day?
A-Saint Valentine's Day (commonly shortened to Valentine's Day) is an annual holiday held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions.The holiday is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines").The holiday first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

Q 242:Whish countries holds the 1st,2nd and 3rd position in gold ranking in the recently concluded South asian games in Dhaka?
A-1st – India, 2nd-- Pak.3rd--bangladesh

Q 243: What Srikrishna Committee is about?

A- UPA goverment has announced a five member committee on telengana issue headed by former CJI Sri Krishna
Q 244: Who has been inducted as SP of the prestigious National Investigation Agency (NIA)?
A - T. K. Rajamohan

Q 245: Who was a CEO of L&T infotech?
A- Sudip Bannerjee
Q 246: What is the rank of india in environment performance index?
Q 247: Where is the famous Virupaksha temple located?
A- Hampi
Q 248: Which river forms boundary between tripura and bangladesh?
A- Muhuri
Q 249 : what is river brahmaputra called in tibet?
Q 250: What is the name of the dam/place that led to china-india conflict recently?
A-Namcha Barwa
Q 251 : What is the slogan for orkut, social networking website?
A-Who Do You Know?

Q 252: First Indian woman to ski to South Pole?
A- Reena Kaushal
Q 253:Who has been outstanding achievement award by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales ?

A- Deepak Parekh
Q 254: Expand SWAN
A- SWAN: State Wide Area Network

Q 255: Which country wanted N R Narayana Murthy (Infosys) to be its IT advisor, but he declined that offer?
A- Srilanka
Q 256: Who is first female to cross Atlantic Sea by swimming?
A- Jennifer Figge

Q 257: Director General of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) ?
A-Vikram Srivastava
Q 258: what are jarawan, Onges and Sentinelese?
A-Yes, there are the three surviving tribes of Andaman Islands

Q 259 :Which Indian state has highest polio cases last year?
A-Uttar Pradesh
Q 260: two languges whose speaker have beeen died recentely?
A-Khora and Bo-the two andamese languages are now extinct with the death of their last speakers
Q 261: Which body brings out the Economic survey of India?
A-Ministry of finance
Q 262: Who is the author of the riots?
A-Shashi Tharoor
Q. 263. What's "Nirbhay"?
A- Nirbhay is new cruise missile(with a range of 800 km)..being developed by India-only the propulsion system design system has been completed.
Q 264: Which country holds the chair of G-20 in 2010?

A- Heads of states of G-20 members meet biannually at the G-20 Summit.The 2010 G-20 Summits are scheduled to be held in Toronto on June 26–27 and Seoul on November 11–13.

Q 265: Name the largest tribe in india ( easy question! ) and the smallest tribe in India (very difficult question! )

A- Largest tribe – Gonds.Smallest tribe- zakhring tribe (arunachal pradesh) around 300 population. going to be extinct within few years.
Q 266: What is MARCOS?
A- MARCOS- Marine commando force (special unit of Indian Navy)
Q 267:President of NASSCOM?
Q 268: Who has been appointed as the new interlocutor to facilitate dialogue with the major insurgent outfit, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM)?
A- R.S pandey
Q 269: Name the first Latin American country with which India signed Preferential Trade agreement?
A- Chile
Q 270: Head of DRDO?
A-Dr. VK Saraswat
Q 271: What was the purpose of B K Somashekhara Commission ?
A - To inquire into the church attacks in karnataka held in 2008.
Q 272 : Who was the first indian leader to suggest hindi as the national language?
A-Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Q 273 : currency of venezuela and why it was in news recently?
A- Bolivar- Was in news as it was devalued.
Q 274:Where is world's first youth Olympics scheduled to be held in 2010?
A- Singapore
Q 275: Give the chinese name of the ind0-china disputed territory in north east india (indian name is arunachal pradesh) ?
A- Its called zangnan or south Tibet.
Q 276: What is the name of the indian intelligence agency that is formed alongwith exiled- tibetans and focus on china-tibet regions?
A- Special frontier force
Q 277: Lotha language is spoken which state?
Q 278 : The above language is child of which language, (its origin language) ?
A- Sino Tibetan origin; in fact all north eastern tribal languages have Sino Tibetan origin.
Q 279: Where is the 16th SAARC summit scheduled to be held?
A- 16th sarcc-maldives(males)
Q 280: What is Srinivas Ramanujan number?
A- 1729

1000+729 can be represented as sum of cube of two natural number in 2 different ways
Q 281:Who is the 2009 Abel Prize winner?
A- Mikhail Gromov
Q 282 :Moinul Haque is the recipient of Sangeet natak academy recently.He is an expert of what?
A- Mime
Q 283 : What is FH77 B05 towed howitzer ?
A- Next generation smart ammunition built by BAE systems. was showed in defence expo 2010
Q 284: Natchiappan committee was formed to look into which issue?
A- Reservation for SCs, STs and OBCs
Q 285: Who was the representative of Anglo- Indian Community in Constituent Assembly?
A- Frank Anthony

Q 286: Raja Rammohan Roy and David Hara were associated with the foundation of the
A- Hindu College
Q 287 : What is LCPM 8?
A –It is the 8th conference on Low cost planetary Mission.
Q 288: Where is the Winter Olympics is going on?
A- Vancouver,Canada
Q 289: Why has "Kutumb",a flying doel been in the news recently?
A- Kutumb was the mascot of the 11th South asian games.
Q 290: Which only judge of Supreme Court or High Court was removed/ dismissed from his post following impeachment after Indpendence?
A- No judge has been impeached in independent India.. Shiv Prasad Sinha. He was judge of Allahabad High Court. I correct my question. He was not impeached but removed from post by the then Governer General C. Rajagopalachari on 22 April 1949.
Q-291 What is "FIST",a prog launched by the GoI recently?
A- Fund for Improvement of S&T infrastructure in universities & higher educational institutions (FIST)"
Q 292: boris shakhalin is related to which sport?
ABoris Anfiyanovich Shakhlin= Gymnastics
Q 293 : Creator of wikipedia?
A- Creator of wikipedia is JIMMY WALES

Q 294: The Indian state that recently made "Sanskirit" as its second language is?
A- Uttarakhand
Q 295: What is the other name of nobel prize in economics?
Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel ..for Economic Ideas and thoughts.
Q 296 : In which Indian constitutional article there are provision of appointment of same person for governor of two or more state?
A- Artcile 153
Q 297: What is pangsau pass winter festival?
A- It conjoins all the diverse tribes of the North East and Myanmar to reveal their customs and culture in broader perspective. The cultural carnival has traversed all the social barriers, inspiring the secluded regions to celebrate the ethnic existences.

Q 298: Which award was awarded to P.Sainath?
A- Bharat Asmita national award.
Q 299: Who has been elected as costa Rica's president?
A- Laura Chinchilla(First woman president)
Q 300: Which bank recently reached the 2nd position in India in terms of its business size?
A- Punjab national bank
Q 301 : What is REDD?
A- The United Nations Collaborative Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries UN-REDD
Q 302 :Chairman of Prasar bharati ?
A-Mrinal Pande replaced Arun Bhatnagar as the new Prasar Bharati Chairman
Q 303: In BT brinjal which gene was infused?
A- Cry1Ac gene.
Q 304: Which company is dealing with the production of Bt Brinjal in India?
A- Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company-(Mahyco-)
Q 305:First and next South Asain games to be held where?
A- New Delhi


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